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Marcel has a hobby  -  thinking!Well folks, I've been quite busy recently, actually that's a normal condition, but my friend Kris has something to tell you about me...

Marcel; the guy has spent several hours working as an intern at "image net", he has had a Cambridge class to worry about, he has a wonderful girlfriend, and he did most of the images and the"hard stuff" on this page, so there was little time left for him to sit down and write about himself. Therefore, I (Kristian) as his friend wrote some stuff about this anti-patriotic, life-enjoying, creative creature.

However, what else is there to mention about Mr. Marcel except from what I've just told you. Well, he drove around in a nice car (hmm - this brings back memories from our Christmas '97 vacation - I crashed his car.), likes to go rollerblading, and is a passionate poolplayer. He's an excellent student - a really smart guy, not a smart ass. However, rumors has it that he has skipped mythology classes to outlive his passion..... (No - don't think nasty - read from the beginning of this paragraph again.)

Back in Switzerland (home?) with his girlfriend Akiko, he will start his studies as a computer engineer.

Well, folks - that's what I have to say about my good friend Marcel - but he will probably come up with some new, more interesting facts pretty soon.


Oh - by the road. Why don't you check out me as well?


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