OK, there's a lot of people who we deeply admire and who have been of great  influence and inspiration, not only in the work of this webpage but also in life in general. Here's a short list of some of them. Check 'em out, they are all really creative and entertaining.  


Linda Lola Lulu Fifi Linda Robertson, our outstanding EF-teacher who, in our eyes, is a living, breathing converter of boring grammar and vocabulary classes into pure entertainment. Never let her check out your website. She will steal everything !!!


The Muffin Man, Kristian's one year younger cousin. This is a thoroughly made page. This nerd lives in a part of the world where it's always dark, and therefore he spends all of his awaken hours in front of his screen.


image net

image net, the company who has helped us a lot.  They are professionals when it comes to webdesign. Thanks Juli and Preston.

Morten Meldgaard

Morton Meldgaard, a '98 EF-LY-Student, who has done a great job supporting Marcel, Kristian and the rest of the student government as treasurer (and sometimes more...).

One of Kristian's good friends back in Norway, Asbjorn Moen. This site even won an award.

John Olcott John Olcott, our crazy workaholic dramateacher at EF, Santa Barbara.



EF (Education First) International Language School, the school that hosted us during our stay there in the States.

Looking for an e-mail addresse? Here is a pretty good site that checks 7 e-mail-search-engines at once ! http://mesa.rrzn.uni-hannover.de/

We'd also like you to submit your own address to as many e-mail address books as possible, so that other people will be able to find you. Here are the links to the most popular ones: iaf.net / switchboard.com / four11.com / bigfoot.com / populus.net / whowhere.com


Last but not least  our moms ...







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