KA in Joshua Tree National ParkHi, I'm Kristian, but people back in Norway know me as Kristian Andreas Tunby Svendsen. At the age of nineteen I decided to go to Santa Barbara for nine months, mainly as a break from my routinelife,  before I start up on my studies back in Norway (whatever and whenever that will be.)

The family I lived with treated me really good, and since I went back in July I miss them just as much as I  have missed my biological family while I was abroad. My sister's name is Erin, and my mother's is Kristine. They are originally from Illinois but, like me, they wanted to get a taste of the Californian lifestyle.

How did I kill my spare time? I played volleyball, either on City College there in town or at the beach, or went to some dark, gloomy poolbar and do a couple of games there with Marcel. When the weather was bad or the economy was really good (night screenings: $7,50)  I went to see a movie. I like to play the guitar, and I also spent a lot of time in deep heartaching pain, missing my piano. My Little Pony (the Ford version) took me around - I just needed a jumpstart. Often I was the designated driver for my drunk friends every Thursday and weekend. That's about it on what I did - oh yeah - to all my freezing friends back in the monarchy of ice and boredom - I also spent some time in my pool and jacuzzi. Have a nice defrosting period!! (Norwegian for spring.)

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