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Different courses offered by EF

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EF, Santa Barbara

California’s loveliest city. Two hundred kilometers north of Los Angeles is an area of outstanding natural beauty. At its heart is Santa Barbara, a community of 100,000 people known for their warmth and hospitality, and for their easy-going pace of life. Our modern school has spacious classrooms and excellent teaching facilities. There is a language laboratory, a comfortable student lounge and a courtyard lined with jacaranda trees where you can relax in the sun. The EF Bookstore sells t-shirts, stamps, postcards and snacks. State Street, the city’s main thoroughfare, is only one block away, and here you’ll find outdoor cafés, sophisticated shops, restaurants, cinemas and art galleries. Our home stay option provides a comfortable twin room and a choice of daily meal options.

Special features:

  • Airport transfer service available
  • Modern school in an ideal city location
  • The best beaches on the West Coast
  • Numerous student activity clubs: theater, adventure travel, rollerblading and more!
  • Nearby access to tennis, swimming and golf
  • Disneyland, San Francisco, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas options
  • Immersion learning through home stay
  • Accredited by ACCET and licensed by the State of California
  • Year-round California sunshine

Courses available at EF, Santa Barbara

  • EF International Language Schools - Principal, Intensive and Summer courses in variable lengths of programs from two to 50 weeks. Cambridge and TOEFL exam preparation.
  • EF Academic Year Abroad - 9 months of language and cultural studies.
  • EF Multi-Language Year - combine this study location with up to two others.



EF - Something for you?

Experts concur that the best way to learn a language is by living and studying abroad. The combination of classroom study time and language practice in day to day life situations guarantees maximum progress.

At EF International Language Schools, we have developed a results-oriented method that perfectly balances expert teaching with complete cultural immersion.

Join the thousands of students who have become fluent in a language with EF! Whether you study for two weeks or 50, your course fee includes language instruction, educational materials, accommodation, meals and a full schedule of activities. EF language courses begin nearly every Monday of the year. And because our courses are taught at eight different levels, they are just as suitable for beginners as for those with advanced knowledge of the language. In essence, you design the course yourself--one that suits your individual needs. You also choose how rigorously you wish to study, whether that's intensively to pass a public examination, or at a leisurely pace for a pleasant study holiday.

A course type for every need. The five EF courses described below are built upon the main language disciplines of reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. In addition, each course has a special focus, allowing you to direct your study in a way that suits your particular language needs.

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Different courses offered by EF

Intensive Course
The Intensive Course is designed for serious students who need to learn a language for professional or academic reasons as quickly as possible. Teachers cover a wide-ranging syllabus that has been designed to develop your overall linguistic skills. Their full schedule of varied, absorbing lessons guarantees maximum progress. Eight special interest lessons per week concentrate upon aspects of the language relevant to your particular needs.
Course features: 30 lessons, starting dates every Monday, 2 to 50 week courses, language levels from beginner to advanced, average class size: 12 students

Principal Courses
The Principal Course gives comprehensive tuition in the essential language disciplines. Whether for business or personal growth, you'll soon find yourself writing and speaking with greater confidence and clarity.
Course features: 24 lessons, starting dates every Monday, 2 to 50 week courses, language levels from beginner to advanced, average class size: 12 students

Summer Course
If you want to travel and learn a new language this summer, this is the course to choose. The course concentrates upon understanding and speaking the language in practical situations. Everything you learn in class will add to your enjoyment of free time later in the day when you can make the most of the many optional EF excursions on offer.
Course features: 20 lessons, starting dates every Monday from June to August, 2 to12 week courses, language levels from beginner to advanced, average class size 15 students, more time for vacation activities

TOEFL Exam Course
The Test of English as a Foreign Language is an American examination, but internationally recognized by employers and academic institutions. A high TOEFL score is needed for admission to most American universities and colleges, for example. Our specially designed course gives thorough exam preparation in as little as eight weeks.
Course features: 30 lessons; starting dates every Monday; 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 week courses; language levels from lower Intermediate to academic proficiency; average class size: 12 students

Cambridge Exam Course
A wide range of academic and professional institutions internationally recognizes the University of Cambridge language exams. There are 4 progressive exams: Preliminary English (PET), First Certificate (FCE), Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) and the Proficiency (CPE–the most advanced). Our course has been designed to give you the essential language skills that form the basis of the Cambridge exams.

EF Academic Year Abroad
Your nine-month course is designed to give you fluent communication skills and an in-depth understanding of range of academic subjects. You begin with an intensive language study program to build your fundamental skills. As these develop, the scope of your curriculum broadens to include academic subjects such as literature, business, politics and media studies. It's the perfect way to strengthen your linguistic and academic credentials. On successful completion of our course, you receive the Diploma in International Studies and an official EF Academic Record to present to future employers or university admissions officers.

The EF Internship Option
Experience using your new language skills in a work environment will give you a real advantage in today’s competitive job market. For an additional placement fee, EF will guarantee you an internship, once you have sufficient language skills. EF Internships are available in one of twelve work areas, including business, travel and tourism, media, public relations, education and sales and marketing. The Internship Option is available at all schools in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and Nice.

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12 Good Reasons to Choose EF

  • EF International Language Schools On a language course with EF, you improve your language skills and make friends from all over the world! Together you form an exciting, international community in which you learn, explore, have fun and speak your study language day in, day out. It's an unforgettable way to experience a new country and culture--and without any doubt, it's the fastest way to learn a language!
  • A worldwide organization. At EF we are members of an international team. We all work together in what has become--over the course of our 32-year history--the world's largest private educational organization. With the help of the other 70 EF offices in countries around the world, we'll be able to answer any questions you might have.
  • Courses start every week. Because EF courses start every Monday of the year, there's bound to be one that fits in with your academic, personal or professional commitments. Whatever your level of language ability, from beginner to advanced, you can choose to study for any length of time, from two weeks to an academic year. Courses match a range of individual requirements, from exam preparation to summer breaks.
  • Teachers who will inspire you With EF you can always be sure that you will taught by experienced professionals. EF teachers hold specialist qualifications in the teaching of their own language to non-native speakers. They'll encourage you and inspire you to learn. Our experience over the past 4 decades has taught us that the selection and training of qualified teachers must be the first priority of any language school.
  • Customized courses--at all levels on your first day at school, we test your language knowledge and assign you to the correct study level. If you're on an Intensive or Principal course, we will also help you to select the Special Interest Options that best suit your goals. From then on, our teachers will assess your progress and discuss it with you on a regular basis. This personal approach means that you develop the language skills you need and that you always study at your own pace.
  • Quality courses, officially approved. There are many language schools around the world and new ones are opening up every day. So make sure that a government-appointed monitoring body recognizes the institution you choose. For language schools in England, look for approval by The British Council and membership of ARELS. Schools in the United States should be accredited by ACCET.
  • A choice of accommodation Every EF course fee includes accommodation and a specified number of meals each week, so you need have no concerns about having to make your own living arrangements once you get to the school. With EF, you can sample West Coast hospitality with a California host family, live amid the splendors of an ancient Cambridge college, or spend the summer at the University of Nice.
  • Activities and weekend excursions. There are EF Activities Coordinators in every school, and their job is to help you plan your free time. They organize barbecue parties, video evenings, theatre visits and sports events; they keep you entertained and involve you in community life. On weekends, you'll have a chance to explore further afield on our excursions to places of beauty and cultural interest in your host country, or even countries close by.
  • EF travel and transfer service When you make a reservation for an EF language course, you have the convenient option of \booking your international travel through us--we'll get you the best price available. You may also choose to be met by an EF Representative on arrival at the nearest major airport to your school. You can travel secure in the knowledge that you will be welcomed by a smiling EF staff member and accompanied directly to your host family or residence.
  • A better educational portfolio. On completion of a Principal, Intensive or Examination course, you will receive the EF Course Certificate of attendance. On completion of a 4-week course or longer, you will also receive the EF Academic Record, which will reflect your ability in every aspect of the language from conversation to writing ability. Such a portfolio will allow you to present your linguistic credentials to academic evaluators or potential employers around the world.
  • Success in public examinations EF students consistently number among the most successful candidates taking the Cambridge University and TOEFL language exams. Their results are a tribute to the effectiveness of special EF courses developed for exam preparation. The programs include lessons using past papers to sharpen your exam technique. Your EF teacher can also arrange for you to take widely recognized language proficiency exams in French, German, Spanish or Italian.
  • Study longer for less at EF, we know that improving your language skills is one of the best investments that you can make in your future. Extending the length of your course is one of the most effective ways to improve upon that investment. That's why we have reduced the price of our longer courses. Now, when you study for eight weeks or more, you'll be getting even better value for money.

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